Michael Helbing

Stimmkontor Hannover - Michael Helbing

Michael Helbing is a trained Speech Level Therapist in accordance to the concept of Schlaffhorst -Andersen.  Mr. Helbing is an expert in respiratory, speech and voice therapy and training. In addition to coaching professional speakers, he teaches singing and voice training for choirs, ensembles, laymen and advanced singers.

From 2014 to 2017 he was acting head of the logopaedic department of neurology in the hospital “Nordstadtklinik Hannover”. Since 2014, Mr. Helbing is a freelancer within adult education, respiratory education, language teaching, and performing arts. He works as a trainer in the field of respiratory and voice therapy, voice training and speech training in renowned specialist clinics and training institutes in Germany and in other European countries (e.g., Austria, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and Switzerland). Additionally, he trains academics in giving scientific presentations and workshops. As a professional speaker and singer, he participates in readings, concerts, and speech productions.

Stimmkontor Hannover - Stimme Therapie Übung

At the School Schlaffhorst-Andersen, Mr. Helbing teaches Speech-Therapy of Dysarthria, Rhinophonia, Apraxia, Dysphagia, and Laryngectomy as well as Respiratory Therapy and Artistic Speaking. In addition, he is a member of the Institute Schlaffhorst – Andersen and is involved in the planning, implementation and realisation of the annual Bad Nenndorfer Therapy Day (BNTT).

In 2014 Mr. Helbing founded the “Stimmkontor Hannover / The Place of the Vocal Craft” where he provides lectures, seminars and courses for the prevention of voice disorders and respiratory diseases, workplace health management, and voice training. He is particularly interested in supporting people with chronic illnesses and disabilities. Therefore, he organizes volunteer concerts and events every year in order to support children and young adolescents with chronic illnesses, disabilities and from lower social backgrounds as well as people with dementia.

Stimmkontor Hannover - Stimme Therapie Übung